Learn to Swim Classes

Goldfish 2½ + 4:1 Ratio

Starting to learn more skills with parents in the water but beginning the process of independance in the water. Activities are designed to start with parent/teacher and moving to teacher only as a transition into being in a class independent from parents. By the end of the class students should be wearing goggles, happy by themselves, and kicking with equipment comfortably.

Tadpoles (Graduate from Goldfish) 4:1 Ratio.

Learning to kick on a kickboard independantly from instructor on front and back.

Frogs 4:1 ratio

Beginners for those over 7 years, learning kicking and floats on front and back.

Turtles (Graduate from Tadpoles/Frogs) 4:1 Ratio. 

Taking the kickboard away, introducing torpedos and soldier arms without equipment.

Seahorses (Graduate from turtles) 4:1 Ratio

Introducing circle arms on the front, and improving kicking on back.


Penguins (Graduate from Seahorses) 4:1 Ratio

Introducing lateral freestyle breathing and backstroke.

Platypus (Graduate from Penguins) 5:1 Ratio

Introducing bi-lateral freestyle, frog kick, tumble-turns and improving overall technique.

Stingray (Graduate from Platypus) 5:1 Ratio

Introducing breaststroke arms, improving endurance and technique.

Seals (Graduate from Stingray) 6:1 Ratio

Introducing breaststroke breathing, and learning tumbles specific to strokes.

Dolphins (Graduate from Seals) 8:1 Ratio

Introducing butterfly and improving on all strokes.

Sharks (Graduate from dolphins)

Squad level training.

If your child is less advanced please go to Waterbabies Lessons


$21.50 per lesson in the month
e.g. 4 Week Month- $86
5 Week Month- $107.50

$23.50 for a casual lesson*

*Casual lessons can only be made a week in advance. We cannot guarantee the same time will be available each week. Payment must be made at the time of a casual booking to ensure that your booking is secure.