Stage 1

Prenatal Aqua classes designed and run by a qualified instructor tailored to the needs of soon to be mothers. This program focuses on preparation and strengthening needed to give birth and assists in faster recovery after birth.

Wednesday nights at 6:30pm – 7:15pm

Price $16.00
Booking required – 8352-1912

Stage 3

Waterbabies class – 6 m
Waterbabies 6mths – 8:1 Ratio

Learning confidence in water and basic swimming movements, the waterbabies class is a fun class with songs and basic activities to make your child happy and confident going in and under the water.

Waterbabies class – Advance 18 mths
Advance Waterbabies 18mth – 8:1 ratio

Continuing confidence in water, starting to wear googles, initiating going under the water/looking into the water by themselves. A few more advanced activities than the basic waterbabies class.


For more information regarding class times please call 8352-1912